It’s been a really really long time since the last post. It’s been busy – but I really hope not to give the blog such a long break again.

Here is a post that I”ve been meaning to do for a long while but only got around to it now.

I created a personal project a few months ago- a fun pirate illustration. My 6 year old has been in pirate-mode for a while- (requesting pirate playmobil for his birthday, planning on being a pirate captain this upcoming Purim- yes, we are one of those families who start next-year’s Purim plans on the day after Purim…)

He made an adorable pirate drawing which was the inspiration for my project.

tzvi pirate

After seeing his drawing, I pulled out my sketchbook and got to work. I came up with this:

1 - sketchpad

I scanned the drawing into Photoshop and cleaned it up- so that it would be a clear drawing:

2 - linework in PS

Then I started to paint in the flat color:


Next, I started to shade- in stages:




After this, I played around with the adjustment layers in photoshop to improve the color and finalize the painting.

And here it is! The final illustration. Aaaarrrrrrghhhh!


I’ve always had a passion for beautiful hand-drawn letters. Throughout high school, I was infamous for hiding my doodle sheet under my notes- and while my teacher would teach, I would divide the time between taking notes and doodling.

The doodling actually helped me concentrate and retain the information from that class better. Some teachers despised my doodling- and requested that I stop during their lessons. I dutifully did so (I was a good girl!) but my participation in the lesson and concentration suffered.

I usually loved to sketch people, but sometimes would play around with lettering. I hadn’t done so in a long while- but felt the urge recently especially as hand-written typography has been really popular lately.

I picked the expression ‘Good Days Start with Coffee’ because… good days start with coffee. Coffee is an absolute must in my book. I am addicted to caffeine and proud of it.

I first did a warm-up sketch of the word coffee. I tried to get a feel for the word- and work with lettering styles that matched the associations that I had with it.

coffee warmup lr









I then created some rough thumbnails of different designs and layouts I could work with for the expression I chose.

Then I worked on sketching the design and finalizing it.

It was really a fun project- and I look forward to doing more of these!

coffee hand lettering



I have a new book that is arriving in stores this week!

It’s called Baruch’s Disappearing Yarmulke (Artscroll) and it’s about a young boy who keeps losing his kippa. The yarmulke has a personality of its own- and will keep young readers laughing as they watch Baruch and his yarmulke’s escapades.

Personally, my son never had a problem with losing his yarmulke- until I started working on the illustrations for this book. Now he can’t stop losing it! Hopefully, he’ll come to the same resolution as Baruch did soon…

Anyway, go out and buy the book- it’s a really entertaining read!