Hi! Hope everyone had a meaningful and inspiring Rosh Hashana and that this year brings happiness and good things to all.
I just wanted to announce the exciting news that my first book is now available in bookstores!
Introducing…  “Yom Tov Yummies”; written by Sara Blau, illustrated by yours truly, and published by Israel Bookshop.
This was a great first book to work on- as the text had a lot of room for creativity and gave me the opportunity to work on something really fun.
I b’H have also completed working on my second book already, and have begun my third.
More details on those projects to come later…
In the meantime, go out and buy Yom Tov Yummies- it’s a really fun (and tasty) book that will capture any young child’s imagination!

Check out this past week’s Mishpacha for one of my favorite illustrations that I’ve done for them.

This illustration was created for  a Jolly Solly story- where the main characters returned an important letter that had gotten lost in the mail, to an old and cranky professor.

For Jolly Solly stories, I always put the central part of the illustration  on the right side, while leaving room for the title and some text go on the left side.


jolly solly