I have a new book that is arriving in stores this week!

It’s called Baruch’s Disappearing Yarmulke (Artscroll) and it’s about a young boy who keeps losing his kippa. The yarmulke has a personality of its own- and will keep young readers laughing as they watch Baruch and his yarmulke’s escapades.

Personally, my son never had a problem with losing his yarmulke- until I started working on the illustrations for this book. Now he can’t stop losing it! Hopefully, he’ll come to the same resolution as Baruch did soon…

Anyway, go out and buy the book- it’s a really entertaining read!



Check out this past week’s Mishpacha for one of my favorite illustrations that I’ve done for them.

This illustration was created for  a Jolly Solly story- where the main characters returned an important letter that had gotten lost in the mail, to an old and cranky professor.

For Jolly Solly stories, I always put the central part of the illustration  on the right side, while leaving room for the title and some text go on the left side.


jolly solly

After three months of working for Mishpacha Junior, the original illustrator is returning to work after her maternity leave- so my work is finished.

I really enjoyed the work and will miss it!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some of the illustrations that I’ve done for them.

Here’s one to start off with!


Mishpacha Junior reading