Here is another study that I did a while ago- of a toy house.

I had it placed on the floor while I drew it, sitting near it, with my easel.

The one thing I wish I had done differently with this one, was to center it correctly as I began working on it. The house is a little too high on the page… oh well, hopefully I’ll learn from my mistakes :).


Here’s a page from my sketchbook that I did tonight. I was listening to a class online- and it brought me right back to my schooldays – where I’d listen, write notes, and doodle at the same time.
That’s what made class fun!

Here are some of the doodles I did tonight while learning. (I’m taking a small course on light and color online- really excited about it).

The best part about doodling is that you get to draw what you like best- with no rules involved. I love drawing faces- so that’s all I did- no pressure and only fun.

Drawing with a pen (and not a pencil) is liberating in a sense – because you can’t do anything about your mistakes- it’s just too bad! I wouldn’t recommend it for hired projects – but for a personal doodle- it’s a fun (yet scary) challenge!