Here is another study that I did a while ago- of a toy house.

I had it placed on the floor while I drew it, sitting near it, with my easel.

The one thing I wish I had done differently with this one, was to center it correctly as I began working on it. The house is a little too high on the page… oh well, hopefully I’ll learn from my mistakes :).


One of the best ways to practice and improve one’s art is by drawing from life. By studying and drawing objects and scenes in front of you (not from a photo), one learns – consciously and subconsciously- many important skills that will improve the way one draws.

It is also very beneficial to try to study the object by making it ‘transparent’- and trying to figure out where the non-visible sections of the object are.

Here is a study I did recently of a wooden train that I placed on a table in front of me. I drew this with a lead pencil, eraser, and easel – no rulers allowed! The shading brings the images to life- so that’s the most fun part!