Hand-Lettering- Good Days Start with Coffee

I’ve always had a passion for beautiful hand-drawn letters. Throughout high school, I was infamous for hiding my doodle sheet under my notes- and while my teacher would teach, I would divide the time between taking notes and doodling.

The doodling actually helped me concentrate and retain the information from that class better. Some teachers despised my doodling- and requested that I stop during their lessons. I dutifully did so (I was a good girl!) but my participation in the lesson and concentration suffered.

I usually loved to sketch people, but sometimes would play around with lettering. I hadn’t done so in a long while- but felt the urge recently especially as hand-written typography has been really popular lately.

I picked the expression ‘Good Days Start with Coffee’ because… good days start with coffee. Coffee is an absolute must in my book. I am addicted to caffeine and proud of it.

I first did a warm-up sketch of the word coffee. I tried to get a feel for the word- and work with lettering styles that matched the associations that I had with it.

coffee warmup lr









I then created some rough thumbnails of different designs and layouts I could work with for the expression I chose.

Then I worked on sketching the design and finalizing it.

It was really a fun project- and I look forward to doing more of these!

coffee hand lettering



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